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How to train like a footballer

Football players (soccer players) are not just good with the ball but they are extremely physically fit.

Have you ever seen Christiano Ronaldo’s  workout video, if not, click here. He pushes to the limit, without any excuses.


He spends hours in the gym each weak, pumping every muscle in his body and that’s what gives him the competitive edge over his opponents.  Lean body, a ridiculously low level amount of fat. All this helps an athlete to become stronger, faster, and decreases the chances of getting injured.

In this video you can see Christiano in action, where he is tested to the limits. Now when you see him play a whole 90 minutes without stopping you will know what’s behind all that power and strength.


Abs are very important for a football player. Strong abdominal helps a footballer to increase his speed and change of directing which is critical in high lever football matches.